Photography Class2At MTC, we recognize that Professional Photography is a competitive field and we do our best to make your work stand out during the admissions process. Our instructors help you develop your artistic vision, encouraging you to explore a broad range of issues and styles. You are introduced to contemporary and historical photographic practices and technical aspects, such as camera, darkroom and digital techniques. As you progress, you develop your conceptual abilities to create dynamic forms of expression. A photo has the power to convey complex meaning, stir emotions and spark conversation. In this course, the focus is on using the theories and techniques of the craft, along with imagination, to create images that compel and inspire viewers. Today, the practice of photography has expanded to include web tools, video and sound. This course embraces both old and new technology to teach you how to turn your photography into art.1 (15)

We have proudly helped our students get into Ryerson’s Photography Studies program, as well as OCAD’s undergraduate Photography program.

MTC will guarantee your Art Portfolio score for the admission process.

Instructor: Qualified Art Instructor
Schedule: Offered throughout the year.
Time: 4:00-6:30 am
Location: Art Studio
Fee: $1999 –  from Oct to March
Min. 6 students
Max. 14 students