Professional Art Portfolio

art_portfolioMTC is one of the first schools in the country to offer Professional Art Portfolio classes.
We have a huge success rate. Not only do we help students get into their desired schools, but our students are more successful while in school and in the workplace as a result of the skills and techniques they learn. An impressing Professional Art Portfolio that reflects an Artist’s image, is crucial when applying for University/College or for a career. At MTC, we have instructors  that are highly skilled in all areas of the arts that can teach students the skills and resources required for a Professional Art Portfolio.

MTC has helped over 3000 students get into their desired University or College programs. Our school has been preparing students for post-graduate programs for over 2 decades.

We guide our students based on their area of interest as each school is notable for specific areas. At MTC, it is our goal to fit into our students schedule. Most of our courses are offered on weekends and after school.