Public Speaking

Public SpeakingPublic Speaking encourages social development and self confidence. MTC strives to work with children and their families from age 4+. Students are encouraged to learn that public speaking is a part of every day life and similar to theatrical development, children enjoy this program. At MTC, we teach students how to speak to the peers and over time to large audiences about subjects that they learn about through research and reading during class time.  These techniques are extremely beneficial to students in their academic studies, their future career and social settings.

Public SpeakingThis program is motivational, inspiring and up-lifting for all students.
Can you imagine your 5 year old speaking publicly in front of 30 people?

Public Speaking
Ages 5 to Adult

Instructor: Qualified Instructor
Schedule: September 10 – December 10 (13 Lessons)
Time: 5:00-6:30 pm
Location: Dance Studio
Fee: $399
Min. 8 students
Max. 12 students