Children’s Publishing

thEZ1NTHLTOur Children’s Publishing course is a fun, exciting course where children can publish their first book! To begin the course, our instructors guide the students
through developing a story, whether imaginative or a life-event. This story is given a clear storyline. From here, the child creates a detailed storyboard that shows creativity and consistency. All these aspects are put together to create and publish your child’s first book by the end of the course! Both their writing and drawing skills are 
improved in just weeks.

Children’s Publishing
Ages 6+
MTC provides all drawing and writing materials.

Instructor: Qualified Teaching Instructor
Schedule: September 10 – December 10 (13 Lessons)
Time: 4:30-5:30 pm
Location: Art Studio
Fee: $499
Min. 8 students
Max. 16 students