Crative Artistic mind
offers a variety of programs in the areas of Creative Arts and Self-Expression. Through creative and interactive expression, students explore areas of performance that are inevitable in their everyday lives. Our instructors at MTC teach them how to become aware of their senses and act as innovative, visionary individuals. Our schedule is accommodating to the students as we offer classes during various times of the day, focusing on the weekends.

We are currently offering the option of HALF-DAY or FULL-DAY Summer Camp the last week of JUNE and throughout JULY and AUGUST. Our summer camp groups together children in the same age range. These ranges start from 3 1/2 to 14. We encourage you to register now as spaces are limited. For adults looking to pick up a summer activity or course, we provide a variety of classes in the field of academics and arts. Check out all our offerings by clicking “Adult Classes” on the tab to the right.Artful-Mayhem-Feb-2012-6