The Right School-The Right Time

The right school is one where you and your child feel most comfortable
and safe.right school (2)

MTC is a program specified program for children and youth, where students are encouraged to learn skill and apply that skill to their ordinary life. MTC encourages discipline in learning and provides a clean environment where students can think and be inventive. MTC is much more than a program school. It is a lively community of bright, active students, enthusiastic teachers and highly involved parents. Students are encouraged to learn to build a balanced program that develops young people to their full potential in academics, athletics and the arts.

Society has changed and children/youth do not learn only from books.  MTC recognizes this change and has made an environment of learning, where students are learning from books, from applied arts, from exercise and from social settings. MTC is excited to have new students aboard to explore the School and its program.  For any questions regarding the structure of programming and the school, please contact the director of the program.

Director of Admissions